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Watch Out! Alcohol Can Cause Vaginal Dryness and Weight Gain

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Written by: Angie Andrade, Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Alcohol consumption adds calories to your daily food routine. A person consuming alcohol can easily add 2000 calories to their usual intake; this all due to changes in alcohol portion sizes and sugary cocktail blends like cranberry or orange juice (all these likely from artificially flavored commercial juices).

According to Web MD, Alcohol creates a layer of fat around the internal organs, also known as a beer belly or wine waist.

As an added side effect alcohol also increases your appetite. When drinking, it's not uncommon to get a food craving, and then, of course, convenient bar food, a greasier and unhealthier choice, is an obvious go-to.

While alcohol can be very fun, especially when the stress sets in, it can also wreak havoc on the way your body works.

It is not surprising that after a night of indulging in alcoholic beverages, you may find yourself reaching for the coconut water and anything that can re-hydrate you.

This is bad news for your internal organs and especially your vagina. Vaginal dryness is associated with the lack of volume of blood oxygen. The blood flow is needed to create lubrication and gets interrupted or slowed down by dehydration. The term vaginal dryness is related to the lack of secretions and can lead to painful sex and even bleeding.

What Does Balance Mean When Drinking?

One drink for a woman and two drinks for a man.

If it's inevitable that you must drink, then it is good to have a glass of water after each drink to keep hydrated.

Another good tip is to add a sprinkle of vodka to your club soda so you can try to cut back.

If you have a sweet-tooth with your beverages and happen to have or be at a house party, try to get your hands on real oranges or bring your own and squeeze it in your drink for healthy sweetness.

When all else fails, you can go cold turkey for the evening. Oh, the choices we must make!

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