Yes, I am Enough!

Yes, I am Enough!

Written by: Karamat H M.Phil, Clinical Psychologist

Why do we always seek other people's approval to evaluate our own self-worth even though we know that someone's negative thoghts and judgments about us are typically their own insecurities rearing its ugly head?

You don't need to listen to the naysayers because, yes, you are enough.

Your worth is not contingent upon other people's acceptance of you. You exist, therefore, you matter! So enjoy the freedom to listen to and accept your very valid thoughts and feelings.

Healthy romantic relationships are great, but your confidence should not be based on whether you're in one or not. You are brave and more than capable. Having the confidence to believe in yourself is all you need to take on daily life challenges.

Whether in a romantic relationship or not, never take your other relationships and connections for granted. Nurturing the connections with your family and friends is just as important, and you need to be able to show them that you care for and love them too.

Tips For Self-Love That Can Make You Enough:

§ Even the Smallest Amounts Count

I often ask myself how I self-love, then I take a look at my life and schedule; I have two young kids, I run a business, and I travel frequently. In the end, I have no desire to get up at 5 AM to squeeze in an hour of self-love.

The answer, I found, was combining practical tasks with self-care time. After I drop the kids off at 8 AM, I like to go for a walk on the beach with my dog. I also do 10 minutes of yoga and meditation to focus and be present by 9 AM at the office.

§ Forming Habits of Self-Love

You can come up with some significant self-love tasks, but turning them into habits is a task.

It would help if you took examples from the habits you already have in your day to day life. As you will notice, repetition is all that's required. Starting with small tasks is an excellent way to get started. These could include creating to-do lists or keeping a schedule.

§ What You Think of Yourself

It is essential that when you talk about yourself, you speak in a positive light. Your inner self is what guides you, and it is essential to listen to it.

We tend to focus on our shortcomings - lack of physique, lack of health, lack of money, and/or love.

We need to shift our thinking to focus more on the blessings in our lives. Practicing mindfulness and gratitude are essential factors in developing a sense of contentment with yourself and your life.

§ Comparison Kills Self Love

Often, when we see someone who seemingly has it all together, a social life, thriving business, a fitness routine, we tend to get down on ourselves.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, ask this question: Am I doing the best with all of the opportunities and resources that are available to me?

It's better to be productive while focusing on your life's positive aspects instead of comparing yourself with others. Comparing yourself is not fair to you and tends to lead to low self-esteem.

The road to self-love is a long one. It is the tender, daily work of growing a loving and caring relationship with yourself.

Start by repeating to yourself daily: "I am enough."


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