Though it has undoubtedly been a dubious ride, it was a specific incident that made

Camilla realize what was missing in the underwear market and what needed to be done!

Let’s go back in time, to 2019…

How it all started…

It took a romantic trip to Sweden, a canceled flight, and missing luggage, (that wouldn’t make its arrival until 2 days later) to set Camilla on a hunt to look for new panties.

Let’s be honest, losing your luggage is already a pain in its own, imagine being on a romantic getaway with no clean, sexy underwear?

What should have been an easy task...

A quick trip to a lingerie store seems like an easy task, but Camilla, an adult allergy sufferer, couldn’t just buy any underwear.

She had to find something organic, non-synthetic and healthy for her vulva. Something sexy that could be worn on a hot date and wouldn’t wreak havoc to her vagina.

The Struggle...

After five hours of looking, she came up with nothing better than a plain pair of cotton panties, which definitely didn’t scream “sexy”. It seemed that you couldn’t be sexy and healthy at the same time.

The Market Problem

Current brands didn’t reflect the average woman but seemed to show the “too sexy” woman or the woman who simply didn’t care.

What happened to the woman who wants to look and feel sexy for herself?

Our Resolution...

Camilla decided a change needed to be made.

A new definition of sexy; not meeting the partner’s desire or accepting sweatpants as the only comfort item.

With the growing movement “healthy is sexy”, Camilla wanted to build a brand to bring awareness and knowledge to women about their bodies, how it works, what it needs and how to regain confidence through pleasure.

A brand for women that provides information from experts,dispels myths, provides a panty you want to wear all day and are excited to show at night.

A transparent brand that protects and supports your most prized possession, your vulva,

and gives you the freedom to put yourself first.

Ladies, this is Eve’s Disclosure.

The Story Of Our Logo

The name comes from Eve, the first woman. She chooses to sell her soul while biting the apple. Metaphorically, this represents choosing polyester and synthetic textiles over sustainability.

After her journey into synthetic fabrics, Eve chooses to come back to nature (or in our case sustainable material), hence the symbol of the leaf in our logo.

Stronger and more knowledgeable, Eve wants to disclose her journey, experience, and lessons learned by making it her mission to educate women to ultimately be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to the health of their most delicate part: their vulva.