It was either sexy and synthetic or healthy granny panties. Something had to be done!

No woman should have to compromise comfy for sexy, which is why we created sustainable underwear that not only flatter every angle and curve of your body, but also keep your feminine health in check.

When You're Healthy, You're Confident!

We’ve created undies with your health and comfort in mind. From sourcing to production to design, the care we took will make you feel confident and ready to take on the world.


Think. Care. Execute.

Founded in 2021 in New York City, Eve’s Disclosure is one of the first healthy, eco-friendly brands of underwear made for women by women
that blur the line between comfort and sexiness.

Our brand celebrates women and their bodies by creating sustainable, gynecologist-tested undies that feel good and are a healthy option for every vulva.

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Made in the USA

Manufacturing in the USA allows us to be actively involved in the
production process while minimizing our carbon footprint.

We are proudly part of the Made In NYC organization.

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Ethical Production

Our production, manufacturing and logistics team are based in NYC which means we can ensure that the people making our products are
working under proper conditions and being paid fair wages.

95% of the talented people working with us are
proud owners of a vulva.

We're proud to be part of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition.

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All our fabrics are

selected for their minimal environmental impact

and made in a facility that utilizes sustainable dyeing methods.

Our extensive research into new technologies and

innovative textile development allows us to use

materials that are both eco-friendly and high-performance.

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We’re an open book:

All our materials and processes are green, sustainable and ethical and always have been.

When you’re already where the fashion industry is headed,

you’re ahead of the curve.

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“In the health-conscious world we currently live in, it was amazing that the same ideals we utilize for what we put in our bodies was not being practiced for what we put on our bodies”.

“I knew if I was searching for a product that was good for my body and the environment while embracing my womanhood, there were other women out there searching for it as well.”

– Camilla Bottari

Our Journey

Female Founder

Eve’s Disclosure Founder and Visionary, Camilla Bottari

Originally from Italy, Camilla Bottari is the founder of Eve’s Disclosure. As someone who suffered from allergies to synthetic fabrics, Camilla struggled to find undies that were sexy, hypoallergenic and comfy without evoking memories of the cotton-style underwear she had worn as a child.

Our Journey

Empowerment Through Education

At Eve’s Disclosure, we believe that taking care of your health starts with knowledge.

With dedicated writers and editors working alongside an in-house team of OBGYNs, we’ve made it our mission to share reliable information through our blog and social media platforms. Our hope is that this will help our readers become more aware of how their bodies work, and through this gain the confidence to advocate for their health.

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A woman’s worth cannot be defined by her clothing or by the dimensions of her body.

Her essence comes from a mixture of how she treats others and how she treats herself. Eve’s Disclosure’s healthy, sexy, and comfortable underwear collection reminds us health and wellness can be and should be a right for all women in every way.