Improve Your Pleasure With Vaginal Exercises

Fact-Checked By: Dr. Tara Scott, OB-GYN

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Have you gotten to your vaginal exercises today? There are many reasons not to skip them, from preventing urinary incontinence to helping with menopausal symptoms and reducing the risk of pelvic organ prolapse. In fact, there are so many benefits it’s probably a good idea to think about including them in your regular workout routine.

Plus, as if all those advantages weren’t already enough, did you know that they can improve your life in the bedroom too? Yes, you read that right! Vaginal exercises can work wonders to increase and enhance pleasure from intimate experiences. That's enough of a reason for us to get cracking on those Kegels pronto.

So, What Really Are Kegels Anyway?

If you’re wondering what Kegels are, here’s a quick explanation for you. These are pelvic floor exercises where you contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles to help strengthen them.

But, what are pelvic floor muscles? Think of the area you tighten when you have to stop the flow of urine midstream (but we don’t recommend doing this often as that can damage your bladder and lead to urinary incontinence issues)—those muscles you’re activating to do that are called your pelvic muscles.

It’s essential to strengthen these since they can help prevent incontinence, improve your overall health, and, as we mentioned before, improve your sex life.

Use Kegels T0 Pump Up Your Sex Life

So, doing a bunch of Kegels every day should mean you’re going to have orgasm after orgasm soon after, right? Not exactly. Just like a few daily exercises won’t magically help you lose weight, vaginal exercises won’t magically make you orgasm or increase how much you do.

But, don’t let this disappoint you, because they can actually help you in the bedroom. Skeptical? We don’t blame you, but we’re not kidding! Kegels work to improve the strength and flexibility of your pelvic floor muscles, and while it obviously doesn’t work in a vacuum (many things work together to help you experience the most pleasure), tightening the vaginal muscles can help improve how you feel when you have sex or when you’re pleasuring yourself!

With tighter muscles, you’re also going to be able to feel stronger contractions when you do orgasm. And, let’s not forget how muscle strength can increase your agility in the bedroom.

Kegels also help improve blood flow to the pelvis, which can help enhance sensation in the region. And, if you experience any pain during sex, these exercises will also help you in that department.

Better orgasms, more comfortable sex, increased sensations—with all these sexual benefits and pretty much no downsides, so what are you waiting for?

Get Your Kegel On!

So, are you all set to strengthen your pelvic muscles in service of some increased please in the bedroom? Many exercises incorporate Kegels and pelvic floor strengthening in them, but the easiest way to get started is to learn how to tense up and relax the muscles themselves.

Remember those muscles that work when you hold your pee? A series of Kegels involves squeezing, holding, and then relaxing them. Try to hold each one for three to five seconds, and don’t worry about repeating the set too many times until you get the hang of it.

You can slowly increase the time you hold a Kegel and how many you do as time goes by.

A few easy ways to level up on your vaginal exercises after you perfect the technique are:

Lift Weights With Your Vagina

This isn’t as scary as it sounds. The weights are usually tampon-sized and are most commonly available in sphere or cone form. And at just up to 100gm, they’re not the same weights you don’t want anything to do with at the gym.

All you have to do is apply some lube on the weight, insert it the same way you would a tampon, and squeeze the muscles in your pelvic floor to hold it in place.

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Then, contract and relax as you would with a Kegel exercise. It’s surprisingly simple, but it’s still a good option to consult a professional before you start using these./p>

Get The Ball Rolling With A Sex Toy

Yes, certain sex toys can help you do your Kegels. Some offer muscle stimulation with vibration (yes, like a vibrator with a bit of a kick). Some—like Kegel balls—simply help the process along. With these, all you have to do is push them as far into your vagina as you’re comfortable with, and tighten your pelvic-floor muscles to hold them inside you.

Your muscles are at work while you hold them in, making this a no-fuss exercise. Remember to do your research before you get one, so you can pick what’s suitable for your body.

Consider Other Exercises

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Kegels aren’t the beginning and end of vaginal exercises. Oh, and remember the regular exercises like squats, bird dog, and bridging that seem like boring must-dos in your daily regime? Here’s a little fun fact: they can also help improve core strength, including that of your pelvic muscles!

While you can do simple Kegels and strength boosting exercises at home, remember to consult a professional if you’re planning to up the stakes to avoid any injuries.


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